Though not exhaustive, this list includes Emerson’s current choreography repertoire. These dances (or a version of them) are available for Emerson and/or her company to perform or to be used at an event in collaboration with Emerson.

Emerson may also be available to create a unique piece depending upon the specific event.

If you are interested in using one of Emerson’s pieces or having Emerson create a piece for your event, please use the Contact Page.


Current Repertoire Pieces:

> “The Greatest Show” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Tap or Jazz – Solo, Duet, or Ensemble Piece)

> “Prince Ali” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Tap or Jazz – Ensemble Piece)

> “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” (Broadway-Style Tap or Jazz – Solo or Ensemble Piece)

> “Friend Like Me” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Jazz – Ensemble Piece)

> “Puttin’ On the Ritz” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Tap – Solo or Ensemble Piece)

> “On a Slow Boat to China” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Tap – Duet or Ensemble Piece)

> “From Now On” (Musical Theater/Broadway-Style Tap – Ensemble Piece)

> “Beautiful” (Contemporary – Solo, Duet, or Ensemble Piece)

> “Slow Me Down” (Contemporary – Solo)

> “Dead Man (Carry Me)” (Contemporary or Jazz – Ensemble Piece)

> “Discombobulate” (Neoclassical Ballet – Ensemble – five or more dancers)

> “Learning to Fly” (Neoclassical Ballet – Solo)


Retired Choreography:
> “Arise My Love (Angel Dance)”

> “Revelation Song”

> “Come Be My Angel”

> “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

> “Unbreakable”

> “Book of Days”