Emerson Online Studio for Dance and Fitness

Here at the Emerson Online Studio℠, you can create your very own
dance and fitness plan with six different classes!

Beginning Level Dance and Fitness Classes – Subscription Service

This subscription service includes beginning level classes that are perfect for anyone who wants a great workout all while having fun dancing! Each month we will rotate classes to focus on two of the six classes listed below, plus occasional bonus classes and content. This way you can choose the classes and order that fit your interests and schedule the best!

Each of the traditional dance classes teaches the foundational elements of technique so that every student can master the basics and be ready to progress to higher levels in the future.

The FunFitFusion℠ Dance Workout combines fun dance-based exercise movements with energetic music to get you up on your feet!

The Body-Conditioning class featuring Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) focuses on specific areas of the body and muscle groups to improve strength and stability.

Available Classes:

  • Beginning Ballet
  • Beginning Tap
  • Beginning Contemporary
  • Beginning Musical Theater Jazz
  • FunFitFusion℠ Dance Workout
  • Body Conditioning (featuring Progressing Ballet Technique)

Age: 13 years and older, Adults

Class Descriptions


Traditional ballet class with a full barre and center work that teaches students classical technique and terminology.

Students will learn correct placement, positions, and steps, as well as accurate ballet vocabulary utilized by French, Italian, and Russian ballet schools.


Tap classes are designed to teach students the foundational elements of tap dancing which utilizes and combines various movements that produce sound.

Depending on the level, each tap class will build upon these essential steps to create more complex rhythms and patterns.

FunFitFusion℠ Dance Workout

Get toned to fun tunes! This class is a full-body workout following the popular follow-along format that will have you dancing to the rhythms from a variety of music genres.

This class is a fantastic fusion of dance and fitness that is perfect for dancers and exercise enthusiasts alike!

Body-Conditioning featuring Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

*Certified PBT Instructor

This class focuses on body-conditioning and features Progressing Ballet Technique. PBT is a unique and innovative technique program with specifically designed body-conditioning exercises that helps enhance classical ballet technique, muscle strength, and proprioception, along with numerous other physical benefits.

This class is excellent for both dancers and non-dancers alike!


Contemporary class combines ballet, modern, and neoclassical dance styles into a fun and technically challenging class consisting of a warm up, center combinations, and unique choreography.

Musical Theater Jazz

Jazz class based on the dance styles featured in musical theater productions on Broadway and in classic movie musicals, set to music reminiscent of vintage eras and well known show tunes.

This class consists of a stylized jazz warm up and center work along with strong character and story-driven choreography that highlights a fusion of tap, ballet, jazz, and ballroom dancing.

Always remember that you bring something unique to the art of dance and to the world – you!

Meet Emerson

Dance and Fitness Instructor

Emerson has over twenty years of experience in the performing arts and physical fitness and is a certified Progressing Ballet Technique instructor, an innovative body-conditioning program based on classical ballet technique. She has extensive training in classical ballet, contemporary, modern, tap, jazz, and ballroom & Latin dance styles, along with multiple years of personal cross-training in various kinds of physical fitness genres such as Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), strength training, and dance-based workout classes.

In the performing arts she has worked with many respected instructors and choreographers throughout the years, including Michael Vernon, Dmitri Suslov, Bill Hotaling, Josh Bergasse, Chet Walker, Jenny Chiang, Charmaine Hunter, Luis Dominguez, Nancy Dominguez, Ken Braso, and Mona Störling-Enna, among many others.

Her dance training and performing career were also enhanced by taking numerous classes and workshops with a heavy emphasis in physical fitness and body conditioning taught by respected trainers such as Robyn Shifren (Progressing Ballet Technique Official Tutor of the USA), Juan Pablo Trujillo (certified Gyrotonic® instructor), Stefani Schrimpf (certified Pilates instructor), and Elizabeth Hartwell (certified advanced Franklin Method® Movement educator).

Career Highlights


  • Missouri Contemporary Ballet – Company Instructor
  • East Coast Ballet School (Florida) – School Instructor
  • CSBI (Missouri) – Intensive Instructor
  • Elevate Art (Kansas) – Workshop Instructor


  • Minnesota Ballet Company
  • The Moscow Ballet
  • Störling Dance Theater
  • Lexington Ballet Company
  • VidaDance Company


  • Indiana University
  • University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • BalletMet
  • Kansas City Ballet School
  • Kansas School of Classical Ballet
  • Lexington Ballet School
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