Instruction and Classes

Emerson teaches a variety of dance styles and techniques, including ballet, pointe, contemporary, tap, and jazz. Her classes emphasize technique, discipline, creativity, and musicality, and her instruction and choreography highlight the artistry and expression unique to each dancer.

Emerson focuses on providing a fun and professional learning environment both for the individual and for the entire class as a whole. She enjoys working with each dancer to enhance and build upon their own personal strengths as well as helping them grow in other areas of their dance and performing skills through constructive and encouraging instruction.

Online Classes

Join Emerson in her exercise and dance classes online! Designed for a variety of interests and experience levels, these classes are great to follow along with from the comfort of your own home whether you’re looking to get in shape or to get a bit more movement in your day.

Holiday Classes:

— Valentine’s Class 2021

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Ballet Class

Emerson has over twenty years of training in classical ballet technique. Her ballet classes include learning the technique and the history of ballet and may also include instruction in pointe work. Ballet lessons are available in both group class formats as well as private instruction.

Theater-Style Jazz Class

Emerson has had the opportunity to work with such well-known instructors, choreographers, and Broadway performers as Bill Hotaling, Josh Burgasse, Chet Walker, and others in classes and workshops throughout the years, which inspired her to create her own Theater-Style Jazz class and choreography. Her class is based on the dance styles featured in musical theater productions on Broadway and classic movie musicals, and each class is set to music reminiscent of vintage eras and well known show tunes. Her personal style and choreography is greatly influenced by the films of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s which featured such artists as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Gene Kelly. Her classes consist of a stylized jazz warm up and center work along with strong character and story-driven choreography that highlights a fun fusion of tap, ballet, character, jazz, and ballroom dancing.

Contemporary Class

Emerson’s contemporary class combines contemporary, modern, and neoclassical dance styles into one fun and technically challenging class. Each class consists of a contemporary/modern warm up and combinations both in the center and across the floor. Emerson also teaches her eclectic and stylized choreography to the students by focusing on each detail of every movement and then combining them into one unique piece.

Choreography Class

Choreography is an artistic expression unique to the performing arts that many dancers wish to explore, but it can be daunting if one does not quite know where to start. In this class, Emerson’s focus is to help her students learn how to use music, space, levels, and props all while finding their own unique movement styles and choreographic vision.

Exercise Workout Class

Emerson’s Exercise Workout Classes focus on toning, strengthening, and stretching various muscle groups depending on the type of class. Some classes emphasize certain areas such as the arms, legs, or abdominal muscles, while other classes offer a full body workout. Everyone can participate no matter their skill level, and dancers will especially benefit from cross-training in these classes!

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